Architecture & Implementation

The CRA Security Services offering focuses on technology implementations. Through on-going service to our clients, we have identified and tested a selected number of leading-edge products that provide great assistance in the delivery of a secure computing environment.

Each of these products fulfills a demand for a specific task within a secure environment. Our tests have proven that no single product can meet the demands of all environments. A strong firewall product rarely has the built-in capability to provide other functions such as strong authentication or mail filtering. Often, the manufacturer compensates for this weakness by optimizing the product to support a complementary application. The integration of these applications into the total security solution provides strong results.

Computer Revolution Africa supports a variety of technologies including Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Virtual Private Networks, Authentication, Bandwidth Management, URL Filtering, Content Control and Monitoring products. Our engineers are certified in these technologies and have an excellent track record of successful implementation. Additionally, included in every implementation is detailed documentation to fulfill corporate procedural requirements.

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