Assessment & Penetration Studies

Determining what to protect is key to ensuring that your security plan will be economical as well as highly effective. Our Assessment and Penetration Solutions program assists clients in the creation, modification, or assessment of their security program. Starting with a customized business focused interview process to better understand current business initiatives, culture, and the overall technical environment to create a targeted plan for a successful project. Computer Revolution Africa’s Network Security team employs industry-leading commercial tools, as well as proprietary vulnerability identification systems and methodologies to provide the most comprehensive view of the client’s network security status.
Additional areas of the assessment may, based on scope, include:
Reviews of the organization’s current Information Security Policy and Procedures, including recommended remediation with actual policy development if required
Physical Security assessments of the client’s premises
Social Engineering to determine the availability of confidential information
Key deliverables include:
Detailed network topologies, as discovered
Prioritized vulnerability and risk information
Remediation recommendations, including budgetary estimation, if so scoped.

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