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Business Applications

Organize your Content

Our collaboration solutions offer your organization the ability to access personalized and up-to-date information that will make your employee’s job easier and making our customized portals an essential tool.

The portals provide your staff and customers with easy access to relevant information, electronic documents and applications that are necessary to be productive at work.

We recognize the need for bespoke portal application solutions and assist in the integration of your portal content with other standards based applications and frameworks for ease of your business functions.


Using SharePoint, your people can set up customizable sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to end, integrate with other applications, automate business processes and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions, all within highly secure environments


We offer you Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that give you the confidence to make decisions quickly:
Single version of the truth: enabling confident decisions by integrating all your data bringing you a simple, accurate version of business performance.


Our SQL Server Database experts help clients each day manage their business-critical data and complex issues. We specialize in SQL Server performance tuning, consolidation, replication, database monitoring, reporting, migrating, upgrading, and auditing all of which ensure your SQL Server databases are optimized; allowing you to utilize this data to grow your business and make critical decisions


Easily publish Project .mpp file data into SharePoint Work-spaces and across organizational unit by ensuring the desired workflow using SharePoint. Collaborate with Project .mpp file data within SharePoint. Executive Dashboard with custom reports presented to executives including organization-wide calendar and event sharing or other out-of- box features of Microsoft SharePoint server 2016 as demanded by stakeholders

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