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F-Secure a leading security solution provider for complex networks and mobile workforces is driven by a single aim: to enable Corporate and individuals alike to enjoy the highest levels of permanent IT security.

Centrally-managed security for large enterprises F-Secure products enable CIO’s and IT managers to enforce corporate security policies, limit legal liability, increase employee productivity and reduce network bandwidth consumption. Now that mobile e-mail and remote data access have become increasingly routine, we can also help corporate customers of every size to safeguard their out-of-office communications.

Integrated solution packages for small and medium-size businesses Using our integrated solution packages, a comprehensive, layered defence system can be created to protect your entire IT system – from gateways and servers to desktops and laptops, all the way to mobile phones.

Full-featured protection for homes and small offices F-Secure provides maintenance-free, easy-to-use protection against viruses and hackers for personal computer users, and even for mobile phones. Once installed, our software is automatically updated and runs in the background, so that security is maintained without any user intervention.

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Mixed environments with Windows, Linux and mobile To ensure comprehensive protection throughout the infrastructure, we specialize in protecting mixed environments, with powerful solutions for both Linux and Windows platforms, as well as the most popular mobile platforms.