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Enhanced collaboration and productivity

The digital transformation of Mavuno places high demands on the church’s in-house IT infrastructure. To be properly equipped for the future, the Church has restructured its workplace IT landscape with the help of Computer Revolution Africa Ltd this year deploying Microsoft 365 as a cloud-based solution.

Mavuno opted to use Microsoft 365 for its sustainable and comprehensive IT modernization capabilities. The Church has upgraded their workstations to the Windows 10 operating system. They deployed Microsoft Office 365 as a scalable cloud solution, including Exchange Online.

Office 365 has transformed how Mavuno spreads the gospel. They are using Microsoft Teams to conduct their weekly Pastoral training. It does not matter where one sits, Germany, United States they can all attend. Those who did not get to attend these trainings are not left out. All content is recorded and stored on Stream for them to view later.

They get to record all going sermons and all records uploaded on Stream. Assigning roles and following up has become an easier role with Planner. all projects are scheduled on Planner.

Collecting data from the congregation was a hustle. With Forms, Mavuno can quickly collect personalized data from the masses even when the sermon is ongoing. In turn they can serve the people better.

Mavuno employees do not have to worry about loss of data. In case of anyone loses their Device, all data is safely stored on OneDrive.

Automation of Mavuno business processes with Microsoft flow has saved them a lot of time. They can now achieve more within the same given time frame.


Why Computer Revolution Africa Group?

Computer Revolution Africa Group has a long-standing reputation as a reliable end to end IT solutions provider in the region, both in Hardware and Software. We help companies meet business objectives, accelerate growth, comparative advantages, and compete effectively in a rapidly changing environment. We believe that applying emerging technologies to businesses and innovative ideas is key to your future success.