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Adoption and
Change Management (ACM)

Our objective is to help organizations realize the greatest return on their investment and show them that productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 amplify their value through staff productivity and innovation through collaboration. We engage in training initiatives and user adoption to facilitate a successful technology deployment. End-users must adopt new services and embrace behavioral changes. The adoption and change management service is customized to each customer and includes identifying business needs through stakeholder meetings, creating plans for achieving business goals to transitioning end-users to new teamwork models using Microsoft products.

Adoption & Change Management Services

Help Your Organization Prepare For Change

Companies are now aware that their workforce is a critical factor to consider to implement changes successfully. A clear strategy and roadmap for Adoption and Change Management (ACM) can help get the most out of their investments. Helping employees embrace new technologies can not only drive business productivity - it also helps achieve business objectives over time.

Let our services help you drive a successful adoption and change management program for transitioning to a new way of doing business. Our services are designed to help you:

  • Achieve organizational alignment and clarity of vision, goals and direction
  • Develop a strategy, roadmap and detailed plans for accelerating change and worker adoption
  • Understand the specific skills and behaviors needed for success
  • Create a culture of change and acceptance
  • Establish standards and implement best practices
  • Increase worker buy-in and accelerate adoption to the new way of doing business

Why Computer Revolution Africa Group?

Computer Revolution Africa Group has a long-standing reputation as a reliable end to end IT solutions provider in the region, both in Hardware and Software. We help companies meet business objectives, accelerate growth, comparative advantages, and compete effectively in a rapidly changing environment. We believe that applying emerging technologies to businesses and innovative ideas is key to your future success.