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Maintenance Contracts and Service-Level Agreement

Increase Your Productivity With Our Dedicated Team of IT Specialists.

All businesses today rely on network systems, servers, hardware, and software to operate and succeed in their field. Most of these businesses find themselves struggling with IT (Information Technology) issues at some point. Many people find themselves stuck when these issues occur, as they might not have the expertise or time to fix IT problems. To stop wasting time on these issues and maximize your productivity, we suggest that you rely on a professional IT service company so that you can focus on running your business. Computer Revolution Africa Group has over 20 years of experience providing expert IT support.

What We Offer

Our annual maintenance contracts offer you a cost-effective, value for money solution which keeps your hardware and software healthy, your networks running productively, your communication channels efficient and your user support systems functioning flawlessly round-the-clock. We make good use of rich industry experience and industry best practices to provide instantaneous and effective problem-solving and take care of all necessary upgrades and maintenance activity for your IT infrastructure.

Our solutions include:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and support for servers, networks, workstations, and peripherals.
  • Rapid response and resolution of problems and issues.
  • Periodic on-site visits for upgrades, patchs, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Proactive preventive maintenance.
  • Scheduled maintenance and health checkups for all components of your IT infrastructure.
  • Regular maintenance of communication systems and accessories.
  • Regular upkeep of user support systems.
  • Event-based or incident-based answering of support calls including rapid emergency response.
  • Detailed reporting on the state of health of office networks, communication systems, telephone networks and user support systems.
  • Periodic health checkups and assessments.
  • Data protection and automated scheduled and manage data backup.

Why Computer Revolution Africa Group?

Computer Revolution Africa Group has a long-standing reputation as a reliable end to end IT solutions provider in the region, both in Hardware and Software. We help companies meet business objectives, accelerate growth, comparative advantages, and compete effectively in a rapidly changing environment. We believe that applying emerging technologies to businesses and innovative ideas is key to your future success.