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Deliver centralized, highly available & simplified VD
As businesses adapt to the increased need to work remotely and connect with their virtual customers, users expect solutions to help them be productive.

Azure Virtual Desktop

CRAG makes virtual desktop provisioning and automation easy. Businesses anywhere in the world can leverage the power of Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) faster, with less risk and cost, as they manage their growing virtual desktop infrastructure.

Why Customers Use VDS

  • Simple, Powerful, Affordable Virtual Desktop Deployment
  • Optimize and Scale Virtual Desktop Solution
  • Verified Azure Virtual Desktop Solution
  • Automated Virtual Desktop Management




Simplified Virtual Desktop Deployment

  • Ease deployment across Microsoft’s environments
  • Accelerate time to workforce productivity
  • Reduce complexity, process flows, and costs

Quickly and securely deploy with limitless scale

Microsoft Cloud Services

  • Scalable multi-session Windows 10
  • Virtualization of Microsoft 365 Apps
  • Unified management experience

Azure manages the virtual desktop services for you

Optimize and Scale Virtual Desktop Capacity

  • Keep users running during outages
  • Leverage the Azure complete cloud services
  • Scale workloads globally across multiple regions

Meet user demands quickly and enhance performance



2-Hour Deployment

  1. 2-Hour Deployment & Classic to ARM Migration
    • Creates an AVD environment in less than 2 hours with a wizard-driven deployment.
    • Automatically migrate an existing AVD classic (aka Fall Release) to the new AVD ARM (aka Spring Update)
  2. Image Creation & Deployment
    • Create images from Azure marketplace, shared image gallery, existing session host VM, or a custom image
    • Automatically update and package images on a schedule
  3. FSLogix Storage Deployment & Management
    • Configure and apply FSLogix configuration to all hosts in the environment or customize on a per host pool basis
  4. User Session Management
    • View all users in a Workspace who are currently active or disconnected
    • Shadow and remotely control user sessions to provide secure support

CRAG Customized Employee Training on AVD sessions

Segment 1: Overview of Azure AVD Infrastructure (30 mins)
  • Introduction
  • Introducing Windows 10 Enterprise a.k.a. Windows 10 Multi-session
  • Architecture for AVD
  • Pre-requisites for AVD
Segment 2: Different Azure AVD Models (15 mins)
  • Personal desktops
  • Pooled/Shared desktops
Segment 3: Deployment & Management of Azure AVD (60 mins)
  • Overview of AVD Deployment
Segment 4: Configuration of Virtual Desktop Images (60 mins)
  • Overview of FSLogix Solution: Profile Storage
Segment 5: Testing Virtual Desktop Images (30 mins)
  • Different methods to access your Virtual desktop in the cloud
  • Testing browser-based access
  • Testing Remote desktop app-based access

Scale & Optimize

  1. Robust Auto-Scale
    • CRAG helps match the size of infrastructure to real-time user demand with multiple powerful, but easy-to-use auto-scale algorithms. Auto-scaling perform both VM power management and starts/stops resources on demand
    • Single-user, non-persistent VDI auto-scaling provides each user with their own desktop without permanently assigning a dedicated VM.
    • Personal, persistent desktops can be powered on when users start their work and powered off automatically when they are done for the day
  2. Measure & Report Costs & Utilization
    • Easy to understand auto-scale visualizations help understand auto-scale behavior and its impact on costs and savings
    • Monitor Azure compute and storage costs and savings on a per workspace, host pool and user level
    • Estimate Azure costs before deploying a host pool and VMs
  3. Cost & Performance Optimization Advice
    • Leverage auto-scale visualization to understand user behavior and impact on costs to better match infrastructure size to user demand
    • Azure monitor in-depth dashboards show performance and utilization of user sessions, session hosts and applications
  4. Performance Monitoring & Alerting
    • Collects data from AVD service and inside of each VM every minute. Data is collected in Azure Log Analytics and can be retained for a configurable amount of time
    • Actionable dashboards show users, hosts, and applications utilization and performance
    • Alerting via Azure Monitor can be triggered on any combination of logged events



AVD Categories


Pricing (USD)

Basic(1-100) users Pooled, 100 Users, 0.9 Peak concurrency, 0.05 Off peak concurrency, 220 Usage hours/month, multi-session, light workload, D4s v3 (4 vCPU(s), 16 GB RAM) $317.00
Standard (1-100) users Pooled, 100 Users, 0.9 Peak concurrency, 0.05 Off peak concurrency, 220 Usage hours/month, multi-session, medium workload, D4s v3 (4 vCPU(s), 16 GB RAM) $430.00
Advanced (1-100) users Pooled, 100 Users, 0.9 Peak concurrency, 0.05 Off peak concurrency, 220 Usage hours/month, multi-session, power workload, D4s v3 (4 vCPU(s), 16 GB RAM $1,477.00
Others Sizing based on Client Number of users over 100 users $

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