The Company

Computer Revolution Africa Group helps its customers’ deliver their strategy through high impact innovative channels driven by technology. Our main objective is to assist clients with the implementation of their projects, and we have confidence in our ability to generate the consensus and commitment necessary to succeed. We recognize the importance that clients place on expert, objective advice. We are always prepared to stand behind our recommendations and to assist our clients with obtaining appropriate approvals to proceed with their own objectives and business plans within scalable technological platforms.

Our Solutions, Your Peace of Mind

Steered by a highly qualified team of certified product specialists and consultants, we strive to help clients meet their daily business objectives, handling their most difficult and complex IT problems and freeing them to do more with less, whilst delivering new business functionality faster. Whether your business requires Network Management, Data Centre solutions, Unified Messaging, Business Intelligence, Virtualization or Customer Relationship Management, Mobility services; or you’re simply looking for the ideal Security Solutions software; Computer Revolution Africa will identify the perfect IT solution for you. We will listen carefully to your issues and needs and recommend innovative technology and proven methods that will help you succeed.

Getting Your Business Always Ahead

Established in Kenya in 1995 with the aim of successfully integrating innovation and technology in business, Computer Revolution Africa has grown to become one of the leading IT business solutions providers in Africa. A regional player and a firm committed to fostering outstanding customer relations, we provide first rate IT solutions and services to a diverse regional clientele. In addition, we combine and adopt pioneering IT knowledge in developing competent solutions that keep businesses one-step ahead of the competition.

Why Computer Revolution Africa?

We are currently a recognized Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a Data Security Provider, an Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA) and a Dell Enterprise Architecture Partner; associations that invariably allow us to consistently deliver end-to-end professional and robust technology solutions suitable for mid to large size businesses.