Training Services

Your expensive, state-of-the-art computers, software, and communications systems are only as good as your employees’ ability to use them effectively. If your employees are not up to speed with the technology, your IT investment could go to waste. That’s why IT training is so important. Computer Revolution Africa is a service IT training provider that excels at customizing and adapting training programs to meet your needs. By accurately assessing your needs and strengthening the technical skills of your IT and communications staff, we help you improve the productivity, competitiveness, and financial performance of your business.
To minimize disruption to your daily operations, we offer the following delivery options:
INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING (ILT): Offered at one of our CRA Learning Labs in Kenya, at your premises, or at a third-party location, instructor led training provides all of the advantages that focused personal individual training can provide.
COMPUTER-BASED TRAINING (CBT): Anytime, anywhere, this interactive training tool delivers technical instruction when you are unable to commit to a scheduled training.

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