Why Choose Us


Computer Revolution Africa tailor-makes solutions for our customers thus solving their business problems with technology solutions. If you can think of it, we’ve probably been there. Because of our diverse clientele we have had vast experience in different segments and markets in Africa that include:

Aviation Manufacturing
Transport Public sector
Private sector Non-Governmental organizations
Healthcare Real estate
Banking Insurance
Energy and Resources Hospitality
I.T and Telecommunication

While continuing to grow in these markets, we believe there are growth opportunities in other industry sectors where our IT solutions and infrastructure expertise is most relevant.


At CRA we recognize our clients uniqueness in delivering on their investment and core-business goals which at times would render in-depth appreciation of IT business solutions secondary. Our unique selling point at CRA is that we source best fit solutions for our customers, rather than shoe-horning their needs into an existing offering. From planning and evaluation of current systems to completion of projects, our consultants and authorized partners work with customers to ensure that their requirements are fully met at their point of need and scaled for growth and adaptability. CRA always builds strong long-term relationships which have elevated our position to the industry-leader status we enjoy so far. We are an extension to your team and not just your service provider.


We help companies meet business objectives, accelerate growth, comparative advantages and compete effectively in a rapidly changing environment. We believe that applying emerging technologies to business and innovative ideas is key to your future success. Our business is driven by a straightforward and highly successful philosophy. We carefully source the world’s best IT solutions backup and storage hardware and software technologies and package them with exceptional levels of expertise, support and service.


our business solutions thrive on a referral basis which makes the difference between experience and experiment!
Sample customer views: –

“The bottom line is we are able to do far more than most other companies at far less a cost and with almost no in-house support. Frankly, we see the CRA managed services as providing us a critical competitive edge. We are constantly recommending CRA to other companies in every line of business and at the full range of sizes. ” “CRA staff have built and supported our entire IT infrastructure for the past 22 years. Their technical support and personal commitment has been nothing short of outstanding. “