Storage Solutions

Planning to implement a Storage Management solution? We can help you secure your digital information.

Traditional storage leads to dead-end growth paths, limited point products, wasted capacity, system complexity and skyrocketing costs. You need a new way protect your information.

At Computer Revolution Africa, we are not beholden to legacy technology. We are implementing a new breed of data management solutions that intelligently manage and automatically store data in the right place at the right time for the right cost- always.

Our storage arrays have changed the status-quo for thousands of customers around Africa. Isn’t it time for you to reach new levels of efficiency and agility in your storage environment?

Data is at the heart of every piece of work, every email, every client and customer, without which an organization cannot function optimally. The growing accumulation of data and information then makes it vital for every business to store, manage, back up and archive this information for future use. With an extensive knowledge and understanding of operating systems, networks and infrastructures Computer Revolution Africa can install and maintain a custom storage solution just for you. We will work closely with your IT staff to provide optimum storage solutions that work.

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